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The History Behind CJ-the-DJ & Entertainment Associates

Recognizing that he could put his passion for music and entertainment to work, CJ Robinson began his musical entertainment career thirteen years ago when he and a friend bought some large speakers, an amplifier and “retro” lights from a traveling truckload sale. Although inexperienced, the two threw this equipment in their parents’ mini-vans and played at school dances, friends’ parties and even a few weddings over the next few years. In college, CJ knew that he had found the greatest job—helping people to have a good time. His friend, on the other hand, decided that DJing wasn’t for him, and CJ took over the business.

CJ continued to DJ throughout his college years at UWSP, and began playing at several local taverns, Fraternity/Sorority events, and many class reunions in addition to the weddings and school functions he had done in the past. During this time, he gradually learned the arts of reading and catering to unique crowds, proper microphone pitch and volume, and how to maximize sound quality while maintaining appropriate volume.

Since graduating from UWSP in 2004, CJ has also worked in fundraising for the Boys & Girls Club of Portage and the College of Fine Arts & Communication at UWSP where he has coordinated some of the area’s largest and most elaborate special fundraising events including the Portage County Taste of Wine & Cheese, Arts Bash and Soirèe Musicale. Planning, executing and evaluating such events has equipped CJ with a unique perspective on event planning and preparation—helping him to ask the right questions of his clients as he works to develop a comprehensive and customized entertainment plan for their special events.

Over recent years CJ has expanded his entertainment enterprise through the addition of the Fabulous Foto Booth, elegant up-lighting and wedding ceremony celebrant services.

Aiding in this expansion is a team of experienced and talented associates who provide a spectrum of services ranging from assisting CJ with large, highly interactive events, to providing entertainment and emcee services independently.

The evolution of CJ-the-DJ from an enthusiastic teenager with some big speakers, into a team of experienced, skilled, scalable and personalized entertainers is something shared with prospective clients so you can better compare CJ-the-DJ Entertainment to other entertainers in the market. It’s important for you to understand the true difference in overall value and quality between the music enthusiast who is learning the ropes and the seasoned entertainment professionals who make up the CJ-the-DJ Entertainment team.

If you’re seeking polished, professional and proven entertainment
there are no better DJs than CJ’s.